We feel delighted to publicize to all our partners, clienteles/buyers that we believe whatever we have achieved; it’s first credits goes towards our compassionate customers & second credit goes towards out well-built and analytical team. The journey of PLASMA TEX BD Clothing & Industries started with a motto of magnetizing the world’s top grade & well-known buyers by attracting them towards excellent service and product quality.At PLASMA TEX BD Clothing & Industries, we endeavor to build quality not just in our garments, but also in all aspects of our business. We pride ourselves on the fact that we invest so much effort to provide a high-quality product for a very competitive price. Although, not always the cheapest, we are confident our customers will receive a product that will perform and provides a solution for them.An important aspect that separates us from our competition is that we work very hard to find a solution for our customers not just for short-term but for long-term as well.Our agenda is to find a successful, workable solution for you, our customer and that is the our Promise.Thank you for being with us.

Jakir Hossain Mirza
Managing Director
Plasma Tex BD Clothing and Industries Ltd